Sold / Procured Vanson Perforated One-Piece Suit Size 50 (I'd say it's more like 48/50)


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Sep 2, 2006
Hi all,

This is a Vanson suit marked size 50 that I bought sight-unseen (if you've seen my ad for the BKS suit, I bought this from the same owner) but sadly it doesn't quite fit. I am 6'3" 230 lbs and it's just a little small in every dimension, so if you're 5'10"-6'2" and 190-220 lbs this will probably fit you like a glove. Or a suit!

It has never been crashed and it includes Vanson floating armor for the shoulders, elbows, and knees. When I received the suit I cleaned it completely with Lexol cleaner and then conditioned it twice with Lexol conditioner. It looks great.

Price is $400 plus shipping, or we can meet on the north side of Charlotte for a local deal. You may be wondering why it's so cheap - is there anything wrong with it? The answer is no, but this probably doesn't add much value. :D

Some pics:



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