For Sale A Bunch of Cortech Riding Gear for Big/Tall - All Like New


Used to ride a motorcycle
Sep 2, 2006
Earlier this year I bought all new riding gear because I'd put on 40 pounds since last riding, and then I immediately lost 40 pounds. LOL. So none of this new gear fits any more. Selling for half what I paid at New Enough:

  1. Cortech "The Primary" Riding Jeans Size 38 (fits like Levis 40) $54 SOLD
  2. Cortech Apex Leather Pants Size 2XL $135 SOLD
  3. Cortech Hyper-Tech Jacket Size 2XL Tall $180 $90
  4. Cortech Hyper-Flo Jacket Size 2XL Tall $180 $90
Note that the jackets come with both a waterproof liner and a thermal vest. They can be used individually or together to adjust for a wide range of conditions. The jeans are very nice and have kevlar woven into the fabric instead of just patches sewn in place. And the leather pants have armor, stretch panels, etc - all the usual stuff. You can read the full descriptions in the links above.

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