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  1. AndyMX47

    VIR P 10/30 - nobody is riding with the sumo's

    Boike, JAS, Rocket Dan - here's our thread to weather watch. Right now looks like low of 49 in the AM, 69 in the afternoon for Sunday. My AirBNB cancel by is Monday the 24th at 4pm, so I will be making the call then. I don't plan on setting a lap record, but look forward to seeing everyone...
  2. AndyMX47


    Just thought I would derail the entire forum a bit further. Any of the 6 of us ever into personal watercraft? We used to have a pair of 89 JS650 stand up skiis - one mostly stock, with just a prop and extra cooling line, and one full mod, high compression, pipe, rear exhaust, ported cylinder...
  3. AndyMX47

    Your first motorcycle

    I'll go..... A 1980 Yamaha DT100. A pretty crappy 2-stroke dual purpose trail bike with oil injection, virtually no suspension, no horsepower. I was 13 years old and bought it used for $430 that I earned delivering the Sunday paper, 3 years old, and in pristine condition. Rode it around...
  4. AndyMX47

    Death of forums Not this forum, baby! We're 7 members strong!
  5. AndyMX47

    Site email questions

    Forum question - I set all my preferences to "no e-mails" - but I still get e-mails every time I post. Please make it stop. I already get 50,000 e-mails a day.
  6. AndyMX47

    Sold / Procured 2006 YZ125. Since none of us on this forum race or ride dirtbikes, please tell people who do about my ad
  7. AndyMX47

    Dual Sport

    Riding a few chunks of the South Carolina Adventure Route and Trans America Trail this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, based out of Highlands NC. Will take me a while to remove the cobwebs from my motorcycle. I'll try to take a few photos, unless KK wants to join as team photographer...
  8. AndyMX47

    Motocross Supercross and Off-road

    Cool "miked up" video of Privateer AJ Catanzaro learning the Detroit Supercross track. He runs a series of MX schools called moto-x academy (on YouChoob) as well, nice guy.