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  1. JustAnotherSquid

    For Sale 2001 BMW R1100S ABS ** One Owner!

    I bought this bike new in February 2001 from BMW-Ducati in Charlotte. This is the "R1100SA" model with heated grips, centerstand, ABS, and clip-ons mounted above the triple-clamp for a more comfortable (but still sporty) riding position. And I believe only 200 of these were brought in to the US...
  2. JustAnotherSquid

    Big News! Er, I mean, Little News! Let's call it Little Big News!

    Holy crap! The 400-4s are back!
  3. JustAnotherSquid

    Track Day CMP! OMG CMP Part 2!!! August 27/28 with N2

    You know, I'm supposed to write something inspiritional and motivational but honestly, it's CMP in August and we all know how that is going to be. It's going to be hot. And humid. And hot. But also it's CMP which, let's be honest, is pretty cool! KK may (may!) have her R7 by then and she...
  4. JustAnotherSquid

    Track Day CMP! OMG CMP!!! August 13/14 with PRE

    OK guys, you know you are all feeling like it's been ages since you've been to CMP and you can fix that in just a few weeks! Sure it's going to be hot but at least it will be humid! Come out and join in the fun! We rented a camper for the weekend so we'll be driving down there Friday night...
  5. JustAnotherSquid

    Track Day VIR Full! Monday July 25 with PRE

    Holy crap, another track day is coming up! We've never ridden full so this one will be interesting. We're going to bite the bullet and pay way too much for a garage. The North paddock gets sooooo hot in the summer and the garages are noticeably cooler. We will definitely be looking for...
  6. JustAnotherSquid

    Track Day VIR North with PRE, July 9-11 *** also, lists of weights and other helpful monetary measurements

    We're going up Saturday and Sunday I think, but reserve the right to do Sunday and Monday instead if the weather dictates. I wanted to get a garage but they bumped the price up to $150/day! They did that last summer too. That's highway freaking robbery. :( Alan said he's going Saturday and...
  7. JustAnotherSquid

    Matt, we are not very popular

    Check out the comments on our video, LOL:
  8. JustAnotherSquid

    The Culinary Thread (edit - also acceptable: pocket knives and flashlights - not acceptable: canopies and mathematics)

    Seems like this thread is way overdue, seeing as we have a real chef in the house and all. And I know a few of us are definite foodies. I'll kick it off with something simple. How's this for a Lunch of Champions? Dark chili chocolate and unsalted peanuts! YUM!!!
  9. JustAnotherSquid

    Track Day VIR South with PRE, Fri-Sun, 6/24-26

    South at VIR Wait, do I agree with Brad??? South better than North It looks like we are heading up there Thursday afternoon to set up. We plan to ride Friday, Saturday, and probably part or all of Sunday. Also plan to attend the fund raiser Saturday night and spend some money on airfence...
  10. JustAnotherSquid

    Recommend a good folding chair

    This thread will eventually have it's name changed to something like "The Pit Gear Recommendation Thread". Count on it. We have something like five different kinds of folding chairs. Expensive ones, cheap ones, short ones, tall ones, green ones, black ones, and they all suck. I need chairs...
  11. JustAnotherSquid

    What a world we live in

    Was sitting at my desk minding my own business and watched this happen. Girl pulls up, grabs our outgoing mail, and takes off. What a world.
  12. JustAnotherSquid

    Was: A thread that is only going to get worse as time goes on *** Is: A thread that is only going to get worse as time goes on

    I went to the grocery store this morning to get ingredients to make Hibachi Chicken and that ^^^ happened. The cashier didn't ask; she just assumed! Getting a discount is nice but damn if that wasn't a gut-punch. And an hour later it still hurts! I would have told her off but my joints were...
  13. JustAnotherSquid

    Track Day Was and kind of still is: CMP with PRE, June 4-5 *** But definitely is: Haikus

    Holy cow, it's a track day and it's at CMP! It doesn't get any better than that! Now you might be wondering, "but did they rent a garage?". One weekend last year we waited until the last minute to rent a garage and when we went to grab one they were sold out. So we were forced to set up camp...
  14. JustAnotherSquid

    Cheap Sunglasses

    Having left thousands of dollars worth of expensive sunglasses on the bottom of Lake Norman, I have given up on them and am continually on the search for good - BUT CHEAP - sunglasses. Tifosi has some pretty good cheap glasses but does anyone have a better suggestion? I need a new pair or two.
  15. JustAnotherSquid

    Looking for clean 2nd gen SV650S

    Short Version: If you come across a clean 2nd gen SV650S for sale - the kind of bike you wouldn't mind owning yourself - please let me know. Thanks! Long Version: KK has sat on both of my SVs, an R7, and an RS660, and has deemed them all ergonomically unacceptable. She has also sat on a stock...
  16. JustAnotherSquid

    Was: Battery-powered lawn mowers ** Is: The theory and ethics of lawn care

    Anyone have one? What do you think of it? Our Honda gas mower is at a point where I need to spend about $150 on maintenance/repair items, or just get a new mower. We already have a Kobalt 40V blower and 40V weed whacker and really like both of them, so we're looking at the Kobalt mower that...
  17. JustAnotherSquid

    Caliper Slide Pin

    Here's a fun one: I use torque wrenches religiously because otherwise I will strip every bolt. What is annoying is when you use a good torque wrench and a bolt STILL strips out. Long story short: front caliper slide pin is stripped. It's the "upper" pin, which means it's the trailing pin WRT...
  18. JustAnotherSquid

    Track Day CMP with PRE, May 7-8

    The very first CMP weekend this year is with PRE! We are going, and we rented a garage because of course we did. If anyone wants to share let us know. New CMP rules state only three bikes per garage (boooo!) so we are allowed one more bike in our garage. The new garage rules kind of suck for...
  19. JustAnotherSquid

    Sold / Procured Alpinestars SPX Air Carbon v2 Motorcycle Gloves - Half Price!

    $60 Size 2XL Bought new late last year Only worn twice In new condition Can meet during the day near I-485 and Prosperity Church Rd Can ship if buyer covers shipping
  20. JustAnotherSquid

    Sold / Procured AMD Ryzen 7 3800X with NIB Wraith Prism Cooler - $200

    Processor has had an easy life: never overclocked and always liquid cooled. It is an excellent foundation for a very powerful, very inexpensive build. Includes new-in-box Wraith Prism CPU cooler. Selling because I upgraded to a Ryzen 9 5950X. Rawr.